Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working for myself..

I have been working for the past three weeks on setting up my own affiliate marketing site.
 I Have learned so much.
I thought that because I worked for Walmart, I was a good sales person, I knew all there was to know about marketing.
But affiliate marketing is very different.
Don't get me wrong,its not hard as  matter of fact this is the easiest job have had.
It is just the newest.  I have been using One Week Marketing to learn all of the things I need to learn.
I am not an organized person, but I learned that organization and focusing was the only way to succeed. 
I learn to pace myself so I would accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish in a day.
I made lists, and followed Jennifer's plan. I also joined another site called Wealthy Affiliates,but that is another post. 
If I can do this so can you. I am a grandmother who decided it was time to stop working for someone else and work for myself. 
It is fun to be independent,the One Week Marketing plan a a fun, and highly detailed plan that showed me everything I need to know.

I can go on and on but loo, its simple. If you want to make money this plan will tell you how to do it. But I can talk all night, until you try it for yourself you will never know how wonderful a plan it is. How do I know that? Because I am miss cynical myself. If it is to good to be true it can't be. 
Have to see it for myself and I did. Now you can to.

Do you want more information? Just click here and find out from yourself from the author herself
And good luck to you in all of your future ventures. 

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