Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life comes at you fast.....

Life comes at you fast, This of course is a very famous saying from a very famous commercial for  Nationwide Insurance Co. and indeed it does.  I have worked for Walmart for 8 years and suddenly found myself unemployed, no job, Nada. Unemployment in South Carolina is short of money, and besides I was ineligible.; 
So what do you do? I started looking for a job, but they are scare, President Obama may say the recession is over but n South Carolina, it is still not as it should.
I have been looking for a job and even took up AVON, which I have don all right with it. 
But the best opportunity was found in my junk mail.Right my junk mail. 
I got an email from someone called pot pie girl, she was telling me how to do affiliate marketing.
I didn't believe it, but it worked.  My firstimpression was What in the world? This will not work. But at this point, what have I to lose but time, being unemployed that I have a lot of. 

My son had introduced me to a site called squiddo, and I thought it was just a fun site but you really can make money on Squiddo, and on tip of that it really was  fun. 

Now I must confess, I didn't really believe I could make money at first, but I was desperate looking for work and it is all I had. 
I am not going to say it was fast and easy either, but It did work.
In 7 days I learned  how to do affiliate Marketing and in 10 days made my first transaction.
So let me introduce to Pot Pie Girl She will tell you a lot more then I can. 

Now I am not promising miracles, that is not something I do. My goal is simply to meet my bills so I can stay home and babysit my granddaughter so my daughter can work and not worry about daycare, or go out and not have to worry about finding a babysitter. 
If you want extra money give it a try.
We allhave our reasons, this littlegirlis mine. Maybe Wal Mart did me a favor~


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