Tuesday, November 2, 2010

learn facebook marketing - FREE videos

I've got something really HUGE to share
with you today!

It's about a 2 friends of mine, Robert Grant and Ian Chapman.

As you may already know these guys are
responsible for generating millions of dollars
in sales through Facebook...

... for clients ranging from internet millionaires
and celebrity athletes to stay at home moms
with zero technical or online marketing experience.

They have just released an AMAZING video training
series that is some of the best info I have ever seen!

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This FREE yet info-rich video series reveals how
Robert went from dead broke 6 figures using
Facebook as a traffic-generating cash machine.

You’ll see Robert’s COMPLETE formula in this video.

Again, there is no charge for the people on my list.
There is NO SALES PITCHING. Just PURE mind blowing

If you thought Facebook was “just another thing”
some people use to drive traffic... this video will
show you EXACTLY why today...

... it’s actually “the only thing” you need to grow
your business at lightening fast speed.

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To Your Success

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest Blogger and WAHM Sheri Carpenter

Sheri is the most inspirational person I have met  long time. As she pushes forward her own businesses, While helping others get theirs rolling. She always has time for you, and greets you with a smile. That being said; you learn a lot from Sheri from the very fact she has built her business up through perseverance and determination. You are invited and encourage to visist her sites and get to know her better. She will great greet with a cup of coffee and biscuits from her own company.

Meet Sheri

My name is Sheri and I am a married mother of 3 who lives in TN. I currently work part time outside the home while building my business so that I can provide a better life for my family.

I got into Direct Sales about 2 years ago after losing my job when the economy took a turn for the worst. I started with AVON and eventually moved on to other things that work better for me. I am now an Independent Consultant with Scentsy Wickless Candles (http://sensiblearomas.com).

I remember when I first started promoting my business online I made alot of mistakes. It was a trial and error type deal. I took some much needed advice and started working really hard at social networking. I remember thinking that it was going to be really easy to sell AVON because everyone knew about them and those that had been with the company for years made it sound so easy. I soon found out that even though it is a well known company it was still MY business and it took work. 

After moving on to another company that was better suited to me and something that I really had a passion for I learned a few more things. Passion is one of the keys to success. You have got to really like what you do and be passionate about the product if you are going to be successful in your business. This comes with any business. If you don't like it chances are you are not going to succeed. No one wants to talk about something they don't like and people can tell (even on the internet) when you are passionate and when you are not.

I learned that no matter what business you are in it takes work. Just like with a regular job where you receive a paycheck, you have to go to work for your business to be successful. I mean think about it you wouldn't get a paycheck from a large employer if you weren't showing up to work right? If you are not willing to work your business then there is another reason you won't be successful.

I have also learned that in order to be successful you need to build relationships. You need to build some sort of relationship with everyone you come in contact with. One mistake I made early on was pushing my sales pitch right off the bat. Well that just doesn't work. Especially when doing business online. People want to get to know the person behind the product and know that they can trust you before they will do business with you. This is where social networking comes in. Get to know people, build relationships, get to know about them and what they do before you start pitching your business to them. Take time out to find out who they are, what they like, and what they are looking for. Don't stop there though, keep that relationship going. Don't think that you have done all you needed to do and the rest of the time you can just send them an ad and all will be well. That is not the case. You need to keep a non business relationship with them so they understand that you are not only concerned with how much money they will spend with you.

I also learned that blogging is a vital part of doing business online. Blogging is your way of interacting with your customers, recruits and potential customers and recruits without having to send out an email everyday. You can blog about monthly or weekly specials and keep everyone up to date. You can blog about the business opportunity and how it works. This is a great way to go into detail about products and things that they will not find on your website.

One important thing to remember is that nothing happens overnight. There is not a business person in this world that became successful in 24 hours. They have all had to work for what they have an where they are. It takes hard work and determination. Don't give up even when you feel like there is no other option. The more you keep at it the better it gets. It may take months or even a year or so of talking to someone before they actually make a purchase from you or join your team. Just keep at it and don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of YOU achieving YOUR goals. Know your why and repeat it to yourself often and you will surely succeed

I have come a long way over the last 2 years due to alot of hard work. I now run 3 blogs, Miracle Momas (http://miraclemomas.net), One Busy Moma (http://onebusymoma.com), and Bailey's Bargain Bin (http://baileysbargainbin.com). I have dedicated myself to helping others succeed and have become a writer for Examiner.com writing about the home based business industry. I am also now doing well in my Scentsy Business and doing product reviews and giveaways on my blogs. I have worked very hard blogging and I get great exposure. I have organized local events, done printed newsletters and currently doing a holiday gift guide. This is a long way from where I was 2 years ago when I couldn't even write a paragraph about anything. 

So remember to keep it up and always remember that you are not alone and you don't have to do it alone. Be sure of who you are working with, get to know others and most important don't let anything stop you if you truly want success.

"If I stand alone I will fail, but, if we all stand together we can achieve anything"

Sheri Carpenter
Miracle Momas
One Busy Moma

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its not a Webinar, Its a tail gate Party!

It's football time in America and
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To your success,


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The ultimate traffic solution

Their program totally rocks, because anybody can
build a huge network of potential customers
extremely fast, at absolutely NO $$ for traffic.
This really IS the solution—especially if you’ve
been agonizing over how to build your business,
how to attract the most perfect clients for your
product or service, and how to do it without
draining your bank account for expensive paid
If you’ve seen the stuff Robert and Ian have been giving away,
you should already be chomping at the bit to get
their entire strategy as quickly as possible.
[This Really IS The Solution!]

Seriously, they’ve attracted the attention of an
army of super guru’s who have begged, pleaded,
and practically arm-wrestled them into teaching
their entire teams.
Why? Because this is so incredibly powerful,
and it works like a banshee.
Now with a lot of launches you’d be hearing
they are only going to sell a certain amount of
product. But this is different.

The real urgency here is Facebook’s dynamic—because
right now there is unprecedented access to anyone
you’d like to get close to with your business.
That means right now you can leverage the heck out of your
presence on Facebook. No holds barred but you MUST go about
this the right way or risk being banned, shunned, and shut out.
And eventually, just like paid search was once a dime a
pop and then rocketed to dollars a hit—the same thing could
happen with this. It’s not a stretch to think in the not so
distant future, you just won’t have this kind of access anymore.
That’s why I highly recommend you take advantage of this, and
be on the front lines of the early adopters. I believe
you will be VERY glad you did.

See you there!

P.S. Robert built his personal network to somewhere in the
realm of 300,000 people in just one year, starting
from scratch as a complete newbie. Do you
have any idea how incredibly fast that is? I know
plenty of marketers who have been trying to do
this for a decade and STILL don’t have these kinds
of numbers! Be smart. Get this and DO it.

[Crowd Conversion—Works Like Gangbusters]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making your Business Grow The First step in SEO

All of us have hopes and dreams in life. 
The problem is most of us are too busy
doing what we feel we should be doing
instead of doing what we really want.
Not so for this guy...
I want to introduce you to a friend of
mine named Robert Grant who has a really
inspiring story of how he left a dissatisfying
9 to 5 job to pursue his passion and create
a highly successful 6 figure business.
Being a self-confessed tech dummy he had
to do it all using Facebook.  In fact  he began
his first major successes without even a
He has since shared his easy to implement
strategies with thousands of people and a
large number of his students have achieved
fast results implementing his proven blueprint.
Robert is giving away some of his best kept
secrets in this video ….
No strings attached.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Earn Money Online through affliate marketing

The Internet is a blessing to stay-at-home moms who want to earn money to supplement their family’s income. And one of the best ways for any mom to earn money online is through affiliate marketingwhich is an easy and proven money-making endeavor on the Internet.
Affiliate marketing is ideal for stay-at-home moms because it is a very flexible way to make money online. Moms can do it any time of the day like at night when their children are already asleep or when all household chores are done. And unlike having a full time job, affiliate marketing won’t require 8 hours of your time every day, 5 days a week, leaving you enough time for your family and for the things you really want to do.  Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that to do it you don’t need any special equipment aside from your computer and Internet connection. You also don’t need any special skills or even a background in selling or business if you want to enter affiliate marketing.
Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy thing to be, especially if you have more than 2 children. In fact, some people say that being a stay-at-home mom is like holding two jobs. This is why the ideal money-making activity for stay-at-home moms is something that is flexible and wouldn’t require them to work for most parts of their day. And this is where affiliate marketing comes in. Affiliate marketing is a business that can be set on autopilot. Initially, you would have to spend time and effort in setting up your affiliate marketing business. But after the mechanisms are in place, you would only need to spend several hours every week in tending to your online business.
To those not familiar with it, affiliate marketing involves selling the products or services of other people in exchange for a commission from sales made. Many people have already become successful with affiliate marketing and are earning thousands of dollars from it every month. The flexibility of affiliate marketing coupled with the relatively low capital needed to enter this kind of business makes it a very ideal money-making endeavor for moms who want to spend time at home with their families rather than in an office.
Moms have a choice of being a part-time affiliate marketer and earn a few hundred dollars to add to the household budget or a full-time marketer and earn a significant income that would afford them greater financial security. Ultimately, what affiliate marketing offers to moms is the opportunity to make real money online while at the same time allowing them to spend quality time with their children and families.