Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have you set your Goals?

Everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions. Have many did you make this year? How many have you broken already? For most people they have already broken the majority of them. That's what resolutions are for. 
A Goal is something you want to achieve. A short term goal is something like losing ten pounds, reading the next best seller.
Long term goals are making a business change, changing the way you handle something, improving the way you do business. the example of a long term  personal goal may be to  purchase a house or get along with your mother in law
To get started you must set up the three "W's"

!. What is you goal? To get along with my mother in law.
2. When will you accomplish it?  January 13,2012
3. I will complete the research needed on how to complete this goal.

the three "W's" simply state your determination to accomplish the goal. Determination is your main factor. 

Choosing what the goal is to set is a different thing. 
Your goals should be:
If you set an impossible goal, you've lost before you have begun.
Knowing your own strengths, weakness, shortcomings, and taking them into account is vital before choosing a goal.

Is it realistic to think you can learn to get along with your mother in law? Sure if I change my attitude maybe she will change hers.

Flexible. Things go wrong things get off schedule, do not be ready to give up at the first failure. Change your course and try again.

Okay, so I didn't know she was allergic to Roses. Next time I will make sure  I will send her lilies. Now I will send her a Apology card and neosporin.

Measurable. You have to be able to measure your progress in attaining your goal.It is especially important to notice when you have accomplished your goal and need not go any father in your pursuit. If you fail to measure your progress 
any further action is misdirected an a waste of time. 

She smiled at me and we chatted last week, there wasn't any tension. I guess I have accomplished my Goal.

Within your control. You are in control of the failure or success of reaching your goal. Keep your eye on the end, be flexible about the terms (should she come after you with a pickax, you might choose another goal and let this one slide,) but you have to be aware of the progress of the goal by measuring it.