Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Generting New Market leads

During the past year, one woman in southern California has discovered a good deal about generating new network marketing leads. . She has not been part of any MLM marketing scheme. She has not tried to sell any particular product. How then did she come to acquire a keener insight into the generation of new network marketing leads? About four years ago, the same woman was trying to launch herself on a career in freelance writing. She wanted to see her name on published articles. With that hope in mind, she submitted some articles to a particular website. It was a website that promised to share the articles with the men and women who created the many emailed newsletters. One of those articles was about her own experiences as the mother of a boy in the local Middle School. The son of the aspiring writer had taken the woodshop course at the Middle School. Because he really liked that course, he often shared with his mother some of the experiences he had had, while learning how to craft wooden creations. Without giving any thought to the creation of new network marketing leads, the mother and writer had composed a short article about the local wood shop teacher, a man who wanted to be know as �Woody.� About three years after submitting that article to one selected website, the writer began to hear from newsletter writers. Those newsletter writers appeared to be intent on generating new network marketing leads. They wanted to find woodworking experts who could be mentioned in a newsletter, a newsletter about some area that related to woodworking. This example reveals some important facts about the generation of new network marketing leads. Obviously, one can locate some leads by reading a newsletter. One can also make contact with potential leads by actually writing for a newsletter. In fact, diligent use of both reading and writing should always remain among the techniques that are under consideration by anyone who wants to create a longer and stronger marketing network. That diligent use of reading and writing does not need to be confined to the reading and writing of newsletters. . Suppose that you are an expert in some field, and you want to use your expertise, in order to market a certain product. You might want to read some books by other experts, and then to review those books. Posted reviews can help a marketer to gain exposure. Each person who reads the review becomes another person who might eventually become a marketing lead. Maybe you do not want to read books and write reviews. Perhaps you would feel ready to stand before an audience. An expert might be called on to lecture on the area of his (or her) expertise. A lecturer gains exposure to a large number of potential marketing leads. Sometimes an expert has an opportunity to share personally and directly the special knowledge that he (or she) has. This comes about most often, if the expert reaches out to community members.

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